Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Walk To Remember

I hate and I love A Walk To Remember all at the same time. Kind of like the Sex and the City movie. They both make me feel weird inside because it’s so happy and sad and depressing and I really can’t put into words how weird it makes me feel.

It’s like my heart is fluttery and then my nose gets tingly like I’m about to cry, but I can always stop myself because #happypills.

First of all, Mandy Moore is kind of an extraordinary actress because she played both the main character in A Walk To Remember and that girl in Saved, which is basically making fun of movies like AWTR, right? I don’t remember. I only saw it once. (I did laugh at it, though and I felt really bad about it and it’s something I don’t typically tell people, but here I am.)

I just remembered Macaulay Culkin plays a paralyzed guy in this movie, so there's that.

But this movie is so much better than any other Nicholas Sparks movie. Like what even is The Notebook? All they did was fight and makeup and then fight some more and then die. It was annoying.

why are you shouting.
Shane West’s character in this movie is the reason good girls think they can change bad boys. BECAUSE JAMIE CHANGED LANDON AND WE CAN ALL CHANGE A BOY.

This movie also taught me that someone will die from cancer if you missionary date. That’s God’s punishment and it’s scary and something we shouldn’t do.

But it also taught me that for a preacher’s daughter, Jamie wasn’t too bright. Or she just wasn’t paying attention in church.

At the end when she’s literally on her deathbed, she says, “Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself.”

UMM NO SHIZ BARNEY FIFE. It took dying for you to realize that???

And then she’s all like, “I think God would want me to be happy,” when she’s trying to explain to her preacher father why she should date Landon. Umm, I don’t think that’s what God wants, but if it makes you feel better, sure? Like, have you ever paid attention in Sunday School ever?

I hate this movie and I love this movie.

I love how pretty she looks when she gets married.

I love the scene where they make the Virgin Mary flier and she runs into Landon's arms. But I also don't understand why that flier was upsetting. Like I would be flattered, but ok?

I love that I went as her for Halloween one year and I refuse to get rid of the sweater I bought at Saver's for the costume.

I love how she says she might be bad at kissing and then is really good at it.

I love how the butterfly tattoo scene was supposed to be sexy.

I hate how this movie makes me cry every time.

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