Tuesday, August 5, 2014

just pmsing/insta-fame

Welcome to my new blog.

Thank you for visiting.

Y'all. Being famous is exhausting.

Ever since my famous Instagram photo spread through the world wide web, everyone and their mother has been texting me and congratulating me.

And last night someone reminded me that my next picture is going to have to be amazing because now I have all these little girls following me and telling me how pretty I am.

And begging for a follow.

I've also been asked if I would have known this picture would have gotten so much attention, would I have cleaned my room?

From Brett Winegarner

You're looking at a clean room, thank you.

But yes, a stranger thinks I should clean my room.

Also, I've been accused of copying another girl, so there's that.

The photo has reached 2503 likes as of 3:22 p.m.

Apparently it doesn't, Ashley.

And there still seems to be an ongoing debate on whether Tay or I wore it better. This isn't a competition, but I appreciate all the love and support. 

ok then.

Also @lwad_fashion posted a contest on who wore it better and I would appreciate it if y'all went and voted for me.


But really, this entire thing is ignorant and as soon as I start stressing geeking out over my newfound fame, my friends QUICKLY bring me back down. Aren't they the best?

Y'all are cool. Click on the PMS tab at the top for info on this site. I'll be updating it as time goes on.

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  1. okay i need to meet cayla jordan. #like4like

    cool new blog i guess.