Sunday, August 10, 2014

Someone wanted to read about my hobbies

I think I remember saying somewhere on this blog to tweet me and tell me what you want me to write about and now I immediately regret it.

Because Kassidy wants to read about my hobbies. I think she thinks she's going to get a shoutout, like a "I hang out with Kassidy and try to make her loosen up and drink too much and flirt with boys."

Which I do and I've been successful at it because Kassidy pre-Paige was pretty timid and Kassidy post-Paige is her juggling a lot of men.

But really, my hobbies are so ignorant.

I watch a lot of TV.

I watch that new show Rising Star on ABC, where Brad Paisley, Kesha, and Ludacris are judges and it's not the greatest show on television, but I really do feel strangely obligated to watch it just because Brad follows me on Twitter and I'm scared one day he'll DM me to ask about my opinion and I'll be like uhhh. So I watch it. I vote. It's miserable.

I also Facebook stalk the popular girls and guys from high school to see how fat they are and how miserable their life is to make me feel better for not peaking in high school.

I also spend a ton of time on the Internet — YouTube, Never Serious Blog (I'm guest blogging soon!!!!!), Taylor Swift Style, Hey Ladies, and Emily Maynard blog (even though she got married and hasn't updated in 100 years, whatever).

I complain a lot about transcribing interviews, but refuse to buy software that does it for me. Y'all don't even understand transcribing a 45-minute interview and having to listen to your dumb voice asking even dumber questions to a source who rambles about their life. Y'ALL DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND.

I shop.

I eat.

I nap.

I go to concerts.

I stay inside because I've been known to pass out if I'm outside and it's too hot.

I kittysit occasionally.

OH, I really like to add newspaper clips to my physical portfolio because it makes me feel good even though no one will ever see it when they can just google my name.

I paint my nails.

Andddddddd that's about it. You were bored, weren't you? No one said it was going to be fun, they just said it was going to be worth it. And they didn't even say that.


  1. Emily Maynard is SO BORING since she got married. And THANKS A HEAP EM for recommending $300 serume for my undereye wrinkles. I'll get right on that.

    1. i know, but i'm so obsessed with her, so i think about buying everything she tells me to.