Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Episode 3 Recap/Ben cleans a toilet

I took a two-hour nap today and STILL wanted to fall asleep during tonight's 19 Kids and Counting.

But I pushed through because I'm extremely dedicated and also extremely pretty and know those two things matter when reading a blog.

You would think because Jill and Derick are planning a wedding, there would be at least some drama. Some excitement. Something other than, 'I like cake that tastes like butter.'

But, no. It's the Duggars and they're boring and they'll always be boring.

Here are the 7 most exciting things to happen on tonight's episode:

1. Ben cleaned a toilet. He even said yuck! He didn't shake Jim Bob's hand afterward (because germs).

2. Jessa made him lunch while he did manly things (because gender roles from the 40s).

3. Derick told the jeweler that he didn't know women wore two different rings (an engagement ring and wedding ban). Insane!!!

4. Josh wore a Fourth of July Old Navy shirt while eating biscuits and gravy.

5. Jessa, Joy Anna, and Michelle reupholstered some stools (because money).

6. A black man showed up at Josh and Anna's door and raided their pantry and found nothing green! Josh was still in his Old Navy shirt, which was the most embarrassing part about the whole thing.

7. John David and Ben snuck away from work to get donuts (a bear claw!) and Jim Bob was less than pleased.

The quotes are what make this show. Because sometimes Derick says things like, 'Jill always said she would know when I'm about to propose because there would be a bulge in my pocket.'

Here are 5 of the best quotes from tonight's episode:

"I think my dad wanted Ben to work for him so he can learn skills to use for the rest of his life to take care of Jessa." -John David

"They'll love whatever because it's handmade." -Michelle on the little kids painting teacups poop brown for Derick and Jill

"It was almost like an outdoor grocery store." -Anna (Josh's wife) on a farmer's market

"The reason we are having a short engagement is because we are waiting." -Derick

"So much of the physical stuff that we're saving is a great motivation to get married." -Jill

Are you starting to understand what I'm watching every Tuesday night and blogging about for your enjoyment? This isn't easy. Only the toughest and prettiest are called to do it.

I got so bored, I looked up information (dirt) on Derick and found really nothing.

His LinkedIn (spoiler: he works for Walmart): https://www.linkedin.com/pub/derick-dillard/31/470/4b3

His dad was also OSU's mascot (spoiler: his dad ended up dying): http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/local/son-perseveres-follows-late-father-in-portraying-pistol-pete/article_1c2f9c87-9ccd-5fbe-84cf-cb777d81df29.html

never gets old.

Jill interrogated Derick on their first Skype date (spoiler: he passed): http://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/jill-duggar-reveals-she-interrogated-fiance-derick-dillard-during-their-first-skype-date-37427

Also, a reader (I'm assuming you're a reader, Laura, or else we're going to have some problems, but not too many problems) wanted to know what Josh does for a living.

He used to own a car dealership, but doesn't anymore. Now he does something with politics. Listen, I don't know. Here's a screenshot from him LinkedIn.

Josie word count episode 3: 25 words too many

Preview to watch for in next episode: Michelle reads a text from Jill's phone from Derick to Jill and tears are involved (nothing is private in this family)


  1. Is that a full frontal hug before marriage?!

  2. And so it should have been, hugs are the devil's work!

    Also completely unrelated, my beautiful country Scotland voted against independence (by a measly 9%) a few hours ago and I'm god damn pissed about it...I painted little Scotland flags on my nails for nothing!

    Sorry, just wanted to vent about the state of my country to someone removed from the situation!

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