Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Episode 4 Recap/Boys will be boys

Are you ever just relaxing with a friend, chatting about wonderful things (becoming an adult and how terrifying it is) when all of a sudden you're like, OH MY GOSH, I FORGOT. I SHOULD BE BLOGGING ABOUT THE DUGGARS RIGHT NOW.

That happened to me. It was dramatic. My day was dramatic. So I had to wait until the 10 p.m. showing because my family doesn't have DVR.

This episode was split into guy time and girl time. The guys (Jim Bob, John David, Ben, and Derick) went camping.

The girls (Michelle, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Jana, and Joy Anna met up with Anna in DC to ~wEdDiNg DrEsS sHoP~


There was booze and hookers and cussing and Jim Bob ripped off his wedding ring and said, 'Screw this! I want to screw this hooker instead!'*

*They sat next to a campfire and roasted some marshmallows.

"We'll have some smores and then we'll have some snores." -Jim Bob

Jim Bob leads most of the conversations and the convos mainly center around women (wow I bet this is really accurate to men IRL). John David just kind of sits there with his kind of big belly Am I allowed to say that? He may or may not be my future husband and Derick attempts to ask insightful questions about marriage and life and Ben is, well, Ben.

Ok, here goes nothing. Ben is like really dumb. And that's coming from me, so that's saying something. I think he may be 19 or something, but his one-on-one confessional things are painful.

Like, for instance he tried telling a joke in the car with the other guys.

"Man always has the last word and those words are 'Yes, ma'am.'" hahahahahahaha hahahah hahahahahha HLHSJFLJDSGHF 

Shoot me.

Jim Bob didn't even laugh and he laughs at everything.

The boys then went rock climbing and they were scared of dying, so they were all like, Man, if I die, I would miss Michelle/Jill/Jessa and Jim Bob was like, 'Well, John David, you're the most expendable because you don't have a girlfriend right now.'

WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF. I really want to cuss because that's how angry that statement made me, but I'm not going to.

I sometimes accidentally forget that having a significant other is the most important part of life until I watch this show. And I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for Jim Bob and his insight into life. Remind me to mention his name during this year's Thanksgiving meal where some awkward family member makes everyone say who or what they're thankful for. This year: Jim Bob.

Gawd. Now I'm just mad and don't want to finish the blog, but I'm loyal.


I just need to get this off my chest: Jana is like really pretty. I don't know why she's single. The only thing you need to have is looks when getting a boyfriend, so Jana should definitely have one by now.

not updated, but whatever.

The girls go wedding dress shopping and Jill needs something ugly modest, blah blah blah. I get the whole not showing off the boobs part of modesty, but I really don't get the nothing sleeveless part. Like, sure nothing strapless, ok, that makes sense, but nothing sleeveless????? Someone enlighten me on that, please.

At the bridal shop, all of the girls read Jill a note about how sweet she is because there's nothing a bride needs more than a confidence boost and some attention, so they're all like, 'Jill, you're so sweet and Derick is so lucky to have you as a wife,' and I'm nodding off.

But when Michelle read hers, I felt feelings. I didn't like it. Weddings are sad/weird and I always feel happy/free/confused/lonely during them.

Josie word count episode 4: ZERO. Thank you, TLC.

Preview to watch for in next episode: I wasn't paying attention, so sorry. A wedding is probably involved.