Friday, November 14, 2014

I get it. I like Taylor Swift.

Am I y'all's only friend who enjoys Taylor Swift?

No, but really. Reflect on all of your friends and get back to me.

Because every day I wake up, and there's something new on my Facebook, Twitter, or a text from someone telling me something Tay-related.

I get it.

I threw a party in her honor.

I get it.

I watched this video 12 times and cry every time.

I get it.

I bought a dress to look like her.

I get it.

"22" came out on my 22nd birthday, so Tay is always thinking of me because we have a strong bond.

I get it.

I've updated my Facebook cover photo three times of a screenshot from her "Blank Space" video.

I get it.

But you're telling me none of your other friends have done the same thing? No one else has dedicated their entire existence to being more like Queen Tay? No one has been to four of her concerts? No one else bought the album on iTunes and then woke up the next morning at 7 a.m. to buy the physical album at Target to get the bonus songs?

I just don't know if I believe that.

Y'all are on top of your Let's-be-sure-to-tell-everything-there-is-to-know-about-Taylor-Swift-to-Paige-Skinner game.

And I love it. I really do. To think people think of me when they see something Tay related, warms my tiny, cold heart.

But what I think y'all forget is I work from home. That means I wake up at 11:15 a.m. I spend a majority of my time procrastinating by watching Taylor Swift interviews, videos, covers, etc., reading articles, reviews, essays, everything.

I know everything there is to know about Taylor Swift.
  • I know her mom named her Taylor so when someone saw her business card, they wouldn't know if it was a male or female.
  • I know she wrote "Sparks Fly" about a crush on Jake Owen.
  • I know her middle name is Alison with one L.
  • I know Jake Gyllenhaal didn't show up to her 21st birthday.
  • I know her dad owns a little part of her record label, Big Machine Records.
  • I know she performed "Our Song" at her ninth grade talent show.
I know her. I know her.

Let's review everything.

When New York Times wrote a good review of her latest album, 1989, one person filled me in.

When this news anchor danced to "Shake It Off" and his co-new anchor hated him, one person filled me in.

When she pulled her music from Spotify, two people filled me in via social networking, but it was a topic among my friends verbally for many days.

When she invited fans over to her houses and I wasn't one of them, one person filled me in on Facebook, but Emily and I cried over it for several days.

When Wonderland Magazine filled in her eyebrows to make her look like a supermodel from the 90s, two people told me on Facebook, but both of my parents said, 'Did you see Taylor on that magazine cover?' You going to have to be more specific, parents.

When Tay lip-synchs her own song in a car, one person lets me know.

When Time Magazine writes an entire front-cover profile on her, one person lets me know via social media, but I can't read it because of the paywall and I haven't left the house today to go buy a physical copy.

When Vulture ran some article about stupid things you do when you're high on Tay, one person notified me.

When there was an 80s aerobics video and it's synched kind of close to Tay's "Shake It Off," THREE people told me via social media and Paige watched it three times maybe I don't know.

My editor signed an email to me like this once.

And oh, my god, even Brad Paisley knows I love Taylor and wants me to know she was invited to the CMAs, but didn't go???????

I get it. I like Taylor Swift and you know that I like Taylor Swift and you're constantly reminding me what a loser I am.

Thank you.

Please never stop.

Is my third boob showing?

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  1. So I was just casually chatting with Augusta about haircuts over the keurig and she told me you screenshot one of my emails and used it in your blog. I feel so honored.