Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I interviewed a man about men and his answers might shock you

The answers actually probably won't shock you, but I just wanted this blog post to fit in with every other article on Facebook, so maybe you'll click on it.

I interviewed Corey Johnson to get into the mind of a man. He's Cayla Jordan's boyfriend. He's the perfect candidate for this interview because he's in a relationship, he puts up with Cayla's crap all the time, and he's half-black and half-white. He's like the best of all worlds.

This interview was done via text messaging because Just PMSing is very professional.

This is Corey trying to prove his identity to me even though Cayla saw me sit in his lap and even got a picture of it.

his hand check is actually kind of really rude.

Corey is a big fan and supporter of Just PMSing, which is another reason he was chosen for this interview.

It was important to address the age-old question. Are soulmates for real?

Ok. He didn't really answer the question, but let's move along.

How come I only get snapchats from one male?

I was afraid of that.

But what about the lie women tell one another about how a guy is too intimidated by women?

bitches be trippin.

Can women change men, though???

What about when you meet one of his friends and it's obvious they've never heard of you?

What about when the texting part of the relationship is great but the in-person interaction is lacking?

Why can't guys be true to themselves?

What's a good deciding factor before making the big first date jump? This is when Corey started to get fed up.

Which part of you is a better boyfriend, though?

Also, I'm not sure which part of Corey is deep, but he is???

Like Carrie Bradshaw-deep. Wait, Is Corey secretly Carrie Bradshaw????

I also had to ask a question on behalf of Cayla because I'm a good friend like that.

Have I won over a fan of Just PMSing?

Boys will be boys.

God bless.

Thank you, Corey.


  1. every time I die reading your posts hahhaha thank you for this

    1. The Roden sisters are my biggest fans! Thanks for reading, Kendall. :)

  2. I have no problem admitting that sometimes I can be a douche.

    1. Thank you, Russell. Thank you for serving. God bless you and your sometimes douchiness.