Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jim Bob wants to set Jana up with Tim Tebow

You heard it here last.

E! Online and like every other news outlet is reporting that Jim Bob Duggar wants to set up his oldest daughter with the world's most famous Christian football player, Tim Tebow.

we're laughing, too.

What we know about Jana Duggar

  • She is the oldest Duggar girl. I believe she's 24 or 25 and still living at home (can't hate) because Duggar children aren't allowed to move out until they get married.
  • She was Jill's maid of honor, which meant she had to alter all 98 bridesmaids dresses to make them more Duggar-approved, aka hide every inch of the body.
  • Jana doesn't smile a lot probably because she's having to raise her mother's children. She's probably also pissed Jim Bob decided to set Jill up with Derrick and not her. She's also probably pissed that her twin brother John David is allowed to wear pants and she's not.
josie honestly probably thinks jana is her mom.

I don't even know what Tim Tebow is up to anymore. Does he still play football????????????

What we do know about him:

  • He once went on a date with Taylor Swift.
  • He wrote a book and I read it and I hate myself for it.
  • He spoke at some God conference in Lubbock once and I covered it and people loved it and I did too sorry.
  • He knows the verse John 3:16, which is probably more than Ben, Jessa's husband.
  • He knows how to get down on one knee so proposing won't be an issue.

IF Tim Tebow begins courting Jana:

  • That would make some excellent TV.
    • I will actually probably maybe buy cable just so I could watch that.
  • Ben and Derrick (Jessa's and Jill's husbands) would feel like crap sitting next to Tim Tebow because all of a sudden the little Duggar boys would only care about Tim.
  • Jana might actually smile.
  • Jim Bob would probably never stop smiling.
  • I would probably never stop smiling.
jana duggar looks down at her instrument and wonders, 'who am i? where is he? i need a man.'

I honestly don't know if I believe any of this, but then again when you're a Duggar and homeschooled and not allowed to have friends who aren't your family, then sometimes your dad needs to set you up.

OH THIS JUST IN: Tim's rep says he's never even met Jana and I'm like what's your point.

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