Monday, December 29, 2014

TV is hard


Have I written this post before or just thought about it a million times throughout the day?

I don't know. Stop me if you've read this already.

TV is, like, really, really hard.

Well no cable is.

Can we please discuss my viewing habits?

9 a.m. Michael and Kelly or Kelly and Michael and I just miss Regis
This is if I wake up in time and care to actually turn on the TV.

10 a.m. Wendy Williams
WENDY WILLIAMS IS QUEEN AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO BOW DOWN. I watch this every morning and no one makes me smile as much as Wendy Williams makes me smile. She is funny and sassy and everything I wish to be.

11 a.m. The Real
Oh, god. Oh, god. It's horrible. It's so bad. It's like The View but worse. Did you know The View could get worse?????????? It can and it's called The Real. Adrienne Bailon is a host, if that tells you anything. This is when I try to shower and do things with my life, but it's hard, y'all.

remember when she was almost a kardashian.

12 p.m. noon the news
Can people please stop saying that the news is only bad news because I am now a news expert since having no cable and literally all it is is good news.
"This cat owner adopted another cat!"
"This mailman got out of his truck and delivered the mail to an old woman who couldn't walk to her mailbox anymore!"
"This owner trained his dog to bark three times to turn on the lights in the house!"
I literally can't most of the time.

12:30 p.m. TMZ
TMZTMZTMZTMZ. Why don't I work for TMZ is the greater question of the day. This is easily the best half hour of the day because Harvey is so funny and he writes on that board with that marker and it's so funny and everyone chimes in and it's so funny and people make jokes about a celebrity and it's so funny and then one of the girls in the room gets offended by something and all of a sudden, it's not funny anymore.


Nothing else comes on. Judge Judy comes on at some point during the day, but she drives me actually insane.

And the news comes on some more and it's the same stories over and over again.

And then things come on in the primetime, but it's hard to know what is on without a guide.

So then I'm forced to watch Netflix and watching Netflix with Kassidy is, like, really, really hard.

Things Kassidy wants to watch:
Silence of the Lambs
Wish Upon A Star
Any Hitler documentary
Any Nazi documentary
Any German documentary
Any Jewish documentary

Things I want to watch:
The Carrie Diaries
Any ballerina documentary
New Girl
Anything from Silence of the Lambs

I just need everyone to send their thoughts my way, please. It's hard.


  1. OMG Kassidy can come be my roommate.

  2. freaks and geeks
    the office
    parks and rec
    the mindy project
    brooklyn nine-nine
    that 70s show
    how i met your mother
    rules of engagement
    arrested development
    stand by me
    stuck in love
    sleepless in seattle (ok not proud but i have a thing for young meg ryan)
    they have some snl
    everybody loves raymond
    about a boy
    almost famous
    skeleton twins (not on netflix but i think youd like it)
    girl most likely (has kristin wiig so it may be good idk i havent seen it)
    friends with benefits (tv show but movie also good)
    the booth at the end
    lords of dogtown
    silver linings playbook
    varsity blues
    end of watch
    the usual suspects
    orange is the new black
    my boys
    friday night lights
    the bernie mac show (im still in mourning)
    guess who
    30 rock
    modern family
    its always sunny in philadelphia
    reno 911
    breaking bad
    cloudy with a chance of meatballs 1 & 2

    ok so no particular order. some are tv, some are movies, some are hulu, some are netflix, some are neither. please dont tease me or find me repulsive bc of some of these suggestions.

    ps my comp froze and i had to go re-research for this list. its my second list. so im sure its different from the original. this took two hours. hopefully one of them is good enough