Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kent Hance Occasionally Favorites My Tweets

Kent Hance, the former chancellor of Texas Tech University, follows me on Twitter.

an actual selfie he took because he's 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT.

This is not a post of me bragging. I am simply informing my readers and letting y'all know before I continue on with this blog post.

If you didn't go to Tech or have the PLEASURE of meeting Mr. Hance, then I will be sure to keep you in my prayers tonight because SMH.

Mr. Hance brought you these lines:

"The woman at Market Street was crying. I said, 'Why are you crying?' She said, 'Heath Ledger just died.' I said, 'What did he work here or something?'" (people erupt in laughter when he tells this story.)

"Dream no little dreams. And if you do, go to Texas or A&M" (people laugh). "I'm kidding! We have a special hiring program for those graduates" (people pee themselves they laugh so hard).

"The only person who fired Mike Leach was Mike Leach himself."

If you ever interview him, which I've done like a million two times, he will say, "Now is this multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or open-ended?"

He is funny. He is charming. He raised, like, a billion dollars for the university. This is not an exaggeration. He literally raised $1 billion for Tech and I was like ok, one time my dad gave me $20 and I was really excited. POINT IS: Mr. Hance is the best. Bow down.

Mr. Hance has 836 favorites on Twitter and occasionally he favorites my tweets and they are always the most random tweets and I just can't figure it out.


And here are the other tweets of mine Mr. Hance as favorited:

That time Mr. Hance was literally Guest12345:

That time he revealed he also really likes Taco Cabana, which is a little shocking because I thought his favorite restaurant was Sonic:

That time I guess he thought it was funny that Buzzfeed thought I was 35:

Chris Kyle:


Nick Hance claims to be related to Mr. Hance. I have yet to see a family tree proving this, but whatever:

That time Mr. Hance was a feminist, who loved Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey like I do:

He gets that I get that I'm hood:

Crushes are hard:

But do you know what's harder? Listening to worship leaders sing and talk in a whispery tone because they think it sounds more spiritual:

This was a rough day:

Literally, is Nick even related to Mr. Hance:

No big deal, but Mr. Hance is the only human being to ever beat George Dubya Bush in an election:

I don't know, I was feeling jolly that day, what do you want from me:

That time Mr. Hance was really involved in the making of my nonexistent album:

Nick again:

That time Mr. Hance revealed himself to be a really big Taylor Swift fan. Who knew he also enjoyed the No. 9 track:

I don't know, Michael was arguing with me about something:

I wrote about Mr. Hance one time:

That time I was dying in a hot car and Mr. Hance felt sorry for me:

That time Mr. Hance totally understood where I was coming from:

And here are the tweets Mr. Hance has completely ignored:

That time he was awake in the middle of the night:

Literally, no response:

This was funny?????:

I literally sent him a letter in the mail because this is 1845 and I asked if he received it and here we are. I don't know:

It's funny:

This is an inside joke, you wouldn't get it:

I don't say the L word often, so I'm a little heartbroken:

Well it is:

I was skeptical, I'm a journalist, ok:

I'm going to tweet this post to him and he most likely will not acknowledge it and I'll be left questioning everything.

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