Monday, April 13, 2015

100th Post

This is my 100th blog post on Just PMSing.

100. ONE HUNDRED. ONE ZERO ZERO. If I write 500 words for each post, that's 50,000 words. Fifty thousand. If I spent one hour on each post (I don't), that's 100 hours. That's about four days. FOUR DAYS OF BLOGGING ABOUT THE DUGGARS and/or my life and/or my roommate's dog.

Blogging is hard. It's difficult. Coming up with things people want to read about it not easy. For every successful post I have, there's one where someone gets their panties in a wad or one that gets, like, no views.

me when my jessa and ben wedding recap got no love.

Even though this is my 100th published post, there are still plenty of posts sitting in my drafts folder. 29 to be exact. So if you've ever read a post on here and thought, wow that was stupid, just think. There are 29 stupider ones that I haven't published.

Drafts include:
$2 margarita Wednesdays (help)
Long-distance relationships (lol help)
7th Heaven (like the TV show. My life is tragic)
Living in Uptown (help)
Christmas music (seriously help)
My worst jobs (sos)
An in-depth look at Taylor Swift's 1989 album (tragic)

You get it. We get it. I get it. There's a reason those posts never saw the light of day. Because they probably suck.

Some notable people have read this blog, like:
Klyde Warren's mother
Sean Lowe
Kent Hance
NOT my grandmother, even though my mom wanted to send it to her and I was like can you actually not.

I get really nice notes from complete strangers about how much they enjoy this blog and it's insane to me. I screenshot all of them and save them in a nice little folder because I <3 words of affirmation.

i have never said that.

But in honor of the 100th post, I am giving away a JUST PMSING KOOZIE. Yes, after much deliberation, I decided to go with a koozie instead of a shirt with my face on it.

All you have to do is subscribe to my blog. The box shouldn't be that hard to find. I will then randomly choose someone and then ask for your address and then mail you the dang koozie. You will drink pink wine out of the koozie. You will enjoy yourself. All of your friends will see your koozie and ask about it. You will say, go to this random girl's blog. They will laugh. You will laugh. Together, y'all will drunk read this blog.

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