Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taylor's Swift #BadBloodMusicVideo




who. how. what even. i'm dead. i can't breathe.

Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video appeared first thing at the Billboard Music Awards tonight and I did not breathe the entire time.

So like it starts out and Taylor and Selena are in an office, wearing their typical office attire and fighting the bad guys maybe because of the glass ceiling idk??????? They are knocking them down and fighting them and then all of a sudden Selena kicks Taylor out the window and she falls out like that scene in Sex and the City, where the woman falls out the window and dies.

office clothes.

But Taylor doesn't die.

She goes to Star Trek boot camp or something to build muscle and eventually fight against Selena.

The whole time, there is music happening and she is singing because it's a music video, ok don't get it twisted.


I blacked out at this point because I couldn't even believe my eyes and ears. When I awoke, Taylor was laying on this table thing in this hot little white number and it was very Britney Oops I Did It Again era when she is laying and dancing to the space man.

Then a million other people show up in the video. Lena Dunham, Cara Delevegine, Ellen Pompeo, Oprah, Tiger Woods, The Pope, EVERYONE IS IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO. except russell brand so idk.

Side track: The part that fascinates me about this music video is that she got so many people to sign on and do it. Everyone and their actual mother knows this song is about Katy Perry and the ~bad blood~ they have between them. So imagine Taylor Alison Swift calling up Cindy Crawford and being like hey, will you be in my music video. And Cindy is like yeah, let me check with my people. And then Cindy's people are like ok, but you know that song is about Katy, right? Could be bad for your image. And Cindy and ALL THESE OTHER CELEBS are like ok, I don't care.

Like what.



Like, Jessica Alba was in this music video, which is really nice of Taylor, considering she hasn't had an acting role since Honey.


The music video ends with everyone going head to head, like the final scene in Alice in Wonderland, I think I don't really know. It's Taylor and her army of actual models and Selena and some more models and then at the end it's a bitch slap.

Idk. I died.

rest in peace me.

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