Monday, November 23, 2015

Thought Process Of Writing And Publishing A Blog

God, what she said was really funny.
This whole night is funny.
Why am I here?
This could be a scene from a reality show.
I don't have a reality show, but I have a blog, so I'm going to blog about it.
*sits down with laptop*
Why isn't this as funny in written word as it was last night?
I need to text her again and ask her what exactly she said because it was so funny.
Ok, she doesn't remember either.
Ok, maybe this isn't blog-worthy, maybe I should just tweet what she thinks she said.
Ok, I tweeted it.
But I haven't blogged in a week and I'm starting to get blogger anxiety.
What if people unsubscribed to this blog because I don't blog enough?
Is anyone subscribed to this stupid blog?
You know what. I'll blog about that thing that happened with the celebrity.
Wait, does anyone care about Anna Duggar but me.
God, that family is a trainwreck.
I need to research what's been going on before I blog anything.
Oh my god, Jessa did not name her baby that.
I could dedicate an entire blog about that.
Ok, yeah, I'll do that.
God, do I need to explain who the Duggars are each blog?
Surely, people aren't reading this blog if they don't already know who the Duggars are.
Is anyone reading this blog but my father.
I heard Dave Barry say once that everyone gets used to your style of humor and then they're sick of it and they find someone else and yeah, that's for sure what's happened.
I read other people's blogs because I hate them. Are people reading mine because they hate it?
God, I bet.
I don't even blame them.
Ok, yeah, this blog is funny. I have so many Duggar jokes readily available.
Dang it, I wish EW or Vulture would pay me to write about the Duggars.
I could be Julie Klausner, that woman who used to write Housewives recaps for Vulture and now she's on that show with Billy Eichner, Difficult People (above).
Eff, Billy Eichner is funny.
*YouTubes Billy on the Street videos*
Mother of god, why do I not have a podcast.
How much is podcast equipment?
Ok, back to the Duggars.
Yes, this is funny.
Should I proofread it? Do my readers care about AP Style?
Honestly, I don't even want to reread it to proofread it. That's how much I hate this blog post.
God, I need to add pics and gifs.
I'm going to find the ugliest and fattest picture of Josh Duggar on the Internet and put it in.
Anna Duggar's makeup has gotten significantly better over the years.
God bless TV.
Ok, I'm done.
I'm going to tweet it.
Do people click on links on Twitter? I could look at the analytics, but like lol no.
Ok, should I share this on Facebook?
I know I should, but, like, this was not one of my favorite blogs.
Ok, I'll share it on the Just PMSing Facebook page but not my personal page.
God, there's a Just PMSing Facebook page. Could I be more tragic.
Facebook has totally screwed up their Facebook pages and now they are pointless and I'm suing.
God, should I pay to boost a post.
I would hate myself.
Everyone else would hate me.
You can't possibly hate me as much as I hate myself.
Which reminds me. I need to write the blog "I hate myself but I also really love myself" because lol @ being a Millennial girl.
Ok, 14 people have read my blog I'm going viral.

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