Sunday, November 1, 2015

What is planning.

For as long as I can remember, my parents have had a plan in place.

For everything.

Natural disasters are something the Skinners are so overly prepared for, I think my father is a little offended he's never had to seriously deal with one.

Fire in the middle of the night? Meet at the mailbox.
Tornado? Meet in the master bedroom closet.
Terrorist attack in Dallas? Meet in Corsicana.
Need to go further than that? Meet in Lubbock.
Does everyone have their natural disaster kit? Flashlights? Wind-up radio? Mattress? Blankets?

Hurricane Katrina was a real lesson for the Skinner family. We always had plans ready to go, but when Hurricane Katrina happened, my father really put it into overdrive. He has a bag in the house ready to go filled with bottles of water, clothes, tuna pouches, flashlights, and blankets. At a moment's notice or just a little bit of rain, he can be out the door.

And death is also something the Skinners have always planned for. Every Sunday at family lunch, somehow we begin talking about the death plan. Where all the paperwork is, who to call for financial advice, donate the bodies to Texas Tech, spread the ashes in Hawaii, don't fight over the Spode, etc.

Vacations are also my parent's favorite thing in the world because of planning. For as long as I can remember, my mother has had a folder for every vacation with the itinerary, tickets, schedules, etc. My father would spend weeks and months leading up to the vacation reading books and watching TV specials to research. I can't remember a vacation where every hour wasn't filled with doing something. Like, can we just sit?????????

But somehow, this was all lost on me. My mother, who fantasizes about Excel spreadsheets, let her 5-year-old daughter pack for herself, leading said 5-year-old daughter to forget to pack underwear for Hawaii and honestly, nothing has really changed for that 5-year-old daughter.

who needs underwear.

Why and how did the planning gene get lost on me???? Because, like, here I am.

Someone actually physically asked me what my career goal was and I was like do people actually have those?????????????? Isn't that something there just to eventually let you down????? Like every Paranormal Activity movie??? Oh man, pop culture jokes are funny.

I don't plan. I close my eyes and hope something happens. I don't really want to provide examples because then everyone will just think I'm lazy ok bye.

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