Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Everyone should be more self-aware

I'm obsessed with people being self-aware. Obsessed. It's my thing. It's the only thing I care about in this world.

Story time. There is this girl that my friends and I love to look at via social media. She is pretty and wears cool clothes and has a blog and honestly, she is a little bit tragic. When the time came to finally meet her, I was so excited because I knew I was going to hate her. FINALLY, I THOUGHT. I will have a reason to hate this girl.

And then she opens her mouth and says, "I know I'm a hot mess."


Being self-aware is the only trait I care about in people. Go ahead and be an asshole but know that you're an asshole. Be insane but don't try to pass it as passionate.

You don't think Taylor Swift knows that people think she's the dorkiest human being in history? You don't think Jennifer Lawrence knows that she's kind of an idiot? You don't think Kim Kardashian knows that people really only want to look at her giant ass and make fun of her?

They all know it. They are all self-aware. (I can't think of any self-aware celebrity men but I know Kanye West is the opposite of it. Also, Beiber started getting more and more self-aware as time went on (i.e. the roast) and I appreciated that.)

Being self-aware also means being about to make fun of yourself. Why are there so many people who love to make fun of other people but once someone points it right back at them, all hell breaks loose.

I cringe when I think about all the people out there who have no self-awareness and who have no idea what people think about them. And while a lot of the times it is famous people or women who go on The Bachelor, a lot of times it's normal, everyday people. Like, do you really think you're the best looking person in the room? Do you honestly believe people want to hear you tell that story??? Do you really think your job is that important??? Or that hard??? Do you really think people even like you?????? Have you even taken a look in the mirror and analyzed your soul? I want you to do that.

"I am a bitch and I know that." -Cayla

"I can hear myself getting louder and more annoying and less self-aware as I drink more." -Augusta

"Us ENTJs are rat bastards." -my father

I am fully aware that I come across as an annoying white girl with a blog who thinks she is somewhat funny. I know that if 15 people read this blog, at least seven of those people are reading it to make fun of it and screenshot something and send to a bunch of people. I know this. I'm fully aware. I'm fully aware that if there's any cool part of me it's because I'm completely uncool and I know that.

Last night on The Bachelor, as some poor red-head was exiting the mansion because Ben didn't pick her, she says, "Maybe he doesn't like red heads. Wouldn't be the first time."

It was like YES, YES. YOU ARE FULLY AWARE THAT SOME GUYS JUST DON'T LIKE RED HEADS. She probably also knows that some guys love red heads and only want to talk to her for that. She probably also knows that no, a guy isn't intimidated by you, he just doesn't like you. She gets it. But she probably also knows her worth. Whoa. Did I just get really deep. I'm sorry.

Being self-aware also means being able to look at a situation and analyze it properly. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach because you like him??? Or do you feel butterflies in your stomach because no one has ever said those things before??? Or because he's a jerk and the butterflies are really anxiety telling you to run???? BE SELF-AWARE.

Back To Kim K. Kim Kardashian is the only self-aware celebrity in this world. What do you mean, you're asking yourself right now.

Kim K is self-aware because she is fully aware of what the world thinks of her. She knows the sex tape is what introduced her to the world. She knows she cannot sing or dance or act. She knows the paparazzi also helped her become famous. She knows people hate her. She knows people make fun of her. She knows people think she's a slut. She knows all of this.

So take a lesson from Kim Kardashian and realize how you appear to other people. Not everyone likes you. This is especially important if you're putting yourself out there in anyway. If you're a musician, an artist, a dancer, or a blogger, then yeah, people are going to hate your shit.

Being self-aware also means that you're not God and you're going to die and no one will remember you in like 50 years.

Happy 2016. Bye.

tl;dr  I try to get deep by telling people to be self-aware and then I defend Kim Kardashian and it's mainly really tragic

Also. P.S. I also just really need to get this off my chest: Kim K is famous because she's on a hugely successful TV show. Why did the family get the TV show? Because they are entertaining. Why did people watch The Brady Bunch? I don't effing know. But they did. And we're watching KUWTK. And if Kim K was just famous for her sex tape, then she would be Paris Hilton right now, extremely jealous of her former assistant who took a really bad thing and made a ton of money off it. I'm sorry. It just really gets me going.