Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm obsessed with American Idol

Help me. Help us all.

I don't know why I chose the literal last season to become obsessed with American Idol, but here we are. Here we are.

I watched it growing up and then stopped after the season Kris Allen won, which was in May 2009, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume college PMS just didn't have time for American Idol.

But here we are. Back. And without cable and a boyfriend, so I have to pretend Harry Connick Jr. is my boyfriend.

pls send help.

The top 24 were announced last night and I want to give you the lowdown on my favorites because this is a music blog.

*click on their names to watch a performance video of them because blogger won't let me embed them, so.*

Mackenzie Bourg
This is a he despite his feminine name, but I love feminine men, so he's got that going for him already. He sang a mash-up of all the judges's songs for his first audition, which is smart, he is smart. He also plays the ukulele and has glasses and has this raspy voice, so it's safe to say I'm in love. AFTER A QUICK YOUTUBE SEARCH, I LEARN HE ALSO AUDITIONED FOR THE VOICE AND NOW I FEEL USED. But only Cee Lo Green turned around for him, so honestly, he was never even on The Voice. I forgive him.

Kory Wheeler
Kory Wheeler, what up. This person is also a male and kind of quirky. He auditioned once before, but was eventually cut, but he came back and made the top 24, so he's a fighter. He also liked my tweet, so I think we are dating now.

like just ask me out.
Dalton Rapattonl
He's a Dallas guy!!!! And he's 19 and wears guyliner and sings NSYNC songs and what do you know, I'm really into that. I also tweeted him this, so literally, what's the matter with me.

Thomas Stringfellow
I'm really into this guy and he's 17, so please keep me in your prayers. He's like super weird and looks like he should be in a Wes Anderson movie and his Twitter bio says he loves Jesus and he's also 17, so if everyone could keep reminding me of that, thank you.

Emily Brooke
Ok, I also like a girl in the competition, everyone calm down. Like Kory Wheeler, she auditioned the previous season, but was cut because bad things happen to good people. But she came back and made the top 24 and I listen to her first audition where she sings "Careless" by Raelynn on repeat. And actually, if I was a betting woman, I would bet she makes it pretty far and probably wins because America loves blonde country singers.

Harry Connick Jr.
I have an idea, American Idol producers. Y'all need a Harry cam where literally there's a camera on his blue eyes the entire time that I can just stare at because really. I just.