Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Why haven't you been blogging?"

I know so many of you have been sinking into your annual winter depression because Just PMSing hasn't had as many blogs and I'm here to comfort you.

Comfort: I've just been doing other things, ok??????????????

  • writing for other publications
  • moving apartments (yes, I no longer live by Hot Neighbor, blog post on that coming soon)
Yeah, me and the girl behind It's Fine I'm Fine thought it would be funny (??) to make fun of fashion bloggers via a podcast?? So we did it. We recording a ton of sodes and are releasing them nice and slowly.

And also because Augusta (IFIF) is absolutely insane, she made a Tumblr and Facebook page for the podcast because, AND I QUOTE, "My nightmare is that we go viral and we don't have the proper tools to market."

We have 17 listens on our second sode podcast, so we're clearly viral.

Listen. Or don't. Whatever.

Here's sode 2 (my favorite):

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