Thursday, February 9, 2017

How To Rock A Celeb Fancy Dress Party

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Being invited to a celebrity fancy dress party is like, exciting and annoying at the same time. You love the idea of channelling your inner Beyonce, but isn’t it going to cost loads of dough and be hard to get everything you need? Not with this guide – here’s how to make like a celeb without spending your rent cheque and trekking the streets for hours…
A great outfit is the key to looking just like your favourite celeb. Check out the magazines and celebrity websites to find out what your fav’s signature look is: and you’re off to a great start. For example, if you’re going to morph into Kim Kardashian for the night – a body con dress is perfect. If you’re a proper fashionista like me, you’ve probably already got one hanging in your wardrobe – so don’t sweat it! If you’re doing the scarily fashionable yet totally unapproachable Anna Wintour look – you’ll need a great tailored skirt suit. If you don’t have one, raid your mom’s wardrobe for something severe yet stylish – she’ll never notice!

The hair has it when you’re going for celebrity fancy dress. Spend time studying the locks of your chosen icon, and go online to find video tutorials on how to create your look. If you want Katy Perry’s flowing tresses but you’re a bit lacking in length, pick up a hair piece that you can clip in for an instant transformation. For lazy gals, or those of you who want to go to that party now instead of spending hours in front of the mirror, pick up a great wig. You’ll be able to find high quality stock at Celeb Wigs, so all that will be left to do is parrrrrtyyy!

Make yourself up like a star by copying the colours and style that make them look so distinctive. Rihanna always wears dramatic, dark and smoky eye makeup – so take your time crafting a similar look. Nicole Kidman rocks subtly highlighted eyes with ruby red lips – an easy makeup if you’re not too confident about your skills. To go for style a la Gigi Hadid, keep your eyes neutral and the whole look as natural as possible – the aim is to look glowingly healthy, and it helps if you have legs up to your armpits and a yacht induced tan. If you don’t, cheat with a pair of statement heels and use the best fake tan you can get your hands on.

If transforming yourself for that celebrity fancy dress party starts giving your boyfriend some crazy ideas, read this article about why he’s in love with that star and how to shut him down without him having any idea what you’re up to! Channelling your inner red carpet lovely is a whole lot of fun, but don’t take it too seriously – after all, you’re rocking it as your brilliantly original self as it is! If it all gets too much, remember you can just order a pizza and check out what everyone’s doing online!

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