Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How To Survive Life As A Girl

This is a contributed post.

If you are human and reading this, you have probably been privy to the hundreds of years of war that have encompassed the gender battle. Men have it better. Women have it harder. And on it goes, over and over. Thankfully, due to some pretty strong women in our history, we girls have quite the equal footing with men now. We even get to vote and have a say about things that are important, which is great. We still aren’t fully equal – think about the wage gap and say no more – but it’s being worked on and we will win in the end.

However, there is one battle that will never be won by men, and that is the simple fact that life is harder if you’re a woman. It’s science. Surviving life as a girl is monumentally harder due to one simple reason: because we said so. That, and hormones. There are ways that you can get through every day as a girl and it’s not just about crying. The Crying Thing is one of those facts of life that happens whether we want it to or not. We cry when we are angry, we cry when we are happy. Heck, we cry if a cute puppy is on a movie, and usually the crying thing terrifies the opposite sex enough to get us where we want to go. But if you’re a girl who knows what’s what, then take a look at the things you need in life to keep on being as awesome as you are.
  • Always be prepared. Okay, so this may have come from the Brownies, but it’s a good piece of advice. Whether being prepared means keeping tools in your house in case of blowing a fuse or keeping spare tampons in your bag for those last second emergencies, always make sure you’re prepared and ready for your day.
  • Always stay alert. Vigilance for your safety when living, travelling or simply walking to work alone is important. Take a self-defence class and give it the old one-two if someone starts on you, it works every time.
  • Always stay alert. Same advice, different meaning! Starting the work day with a cup of joe from your new Espresso Gusto will help you face any challenges ahead with a more level mindset. You know, in case The Crying Thing threatens to start!
  • Always smile. You know when you see those people stuffed in the train on the way to work? Smile at them. Not in a creepy way, but just spread a little joy.
  • Always keep your chin up. No matter how your boss may get to you, no matter how you forgot to buy milk on the way home so have to go out again. No matter if your favourite shirt shrunk in the wash. Chin up and tally-ho! A good attitude makes for a happy woman!
Keeping calm and carrying on is all about being happy and the above tips can make your life as a girl so much simpler!

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