Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who Says You Can't Have Both Fashion And Practicality?

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Practicality doesn’t have to mean unfashionable. The two are so often used to mean the opposites of each other, but that really shouldn’t be the case. Consider the beautifully fitted linen trousers that professional women wear, or the stunning statement scarves that serve two purposes - being beautiful and keeping warm. Fashion and practicality can go hand in hand; you just have to know how to style it. If you’re sick of compromising on style, but you don’t want fashion to interfere with daily life, give these things a go.

It’s all in the layers

When the weather drops below freezing, it can be tempting to wrap up in the coziest, albeit most unflattering, coat that you own, and forsake fashion for the sake for warmth. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. With clever layering, you can have comfort, warmth, practicality, and still look chic and on trend. Layering is the key to creating an interesting and unique look, while prioritizing your comfort. The key is to layer different types of pattern and fabrics without causing a clash, so it’s always worth playing around with your wardrobe.

Get accessory savvy

Shoes, sunglasses, handbags and jewelry should all be practical, as well as cool. We don’t want to feel like we can’t achieve the things we want because our heels are too high or our handbag isn’t big enough. Categorizing your jewelry into fine and everyday pieces means you’ll be able to differentiate at the drop of a hat, and you won’t find yourself accidentally wearing an expensive antique ring on a night out or hooped earrings to a baptism. Handbags and shoes are the most important consideration, especially for nights out. For gigs and parties, a rave fanny pack is a cool and practical way to carry your worldly possessions around safely, and still keep your hands free for dancing. If you insist on going clubbing in heels, a pair of flats to slip on at the end of the night is a real treat for sore feet. Accessories don’t have to be at odds with practicality, but planning ahead does help.

Shop around

Stylish but practical pieces can sometimes cost a little bit more, but shopping around between brands and waiting for end-of-season sales can guarantee you some bargains at a fraction of the price. And slightly more expensive clothing should, theoretically, last longer, so it’s a more effective use of your money.

Learn how to style staple pieces

Staple items of clothing are the backbone of any wardrobe, and usually unerringly practical, but not necessarily fashion-forward on their own. Being able to style them and accessorize correctly is the key to being on trend and practical. Use jewelry suitable for the occasion to bring plain, staple pieces up-to-date, and use statement pieces to create a focal point where clothes wouldn’t be appropriate. It’s all in the styling, rather than the buying.

Hopefully, now you see that practicality can go hand in hand with style, without any major conflicts of interest.

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