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Serve Your Way To Dinner Party Success With These Tips

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We all want to impress our friends and neighbors somehow. You’ll have already heard of the saying “keeping up with the Joneses”, and will no doubt want to keep up with all of the families who live in your neighborhood. Are you wondering how you can showcase all your skills and marvelous housekeeping to everyone? It’s easy - you just need to host a dinner party and invite your neighbors and friends over for it!Dinner parties aren’t just about showing off, though. Of course, they are also a fantastic excuse for spending time with all your nearest and dearest and having a good old catch up. So, there are plenty of reasons to roll up your sleeves and get to work preparing a slap up meal.

If you haven’t ever hosted a dinner party before, you might be wondering how you even get started. After all, there will be a lot of preparation and work that needs to be done! But don’t worry; I’ve got your back. Here are some very useful tips to bear in mind - they should help you host a very successful dinner party!



Find Out Special Dietary Requirements In Advance

Some of your guests may have to cut out certain ingredients or food groups from their diets on medical grounds. For example, people who suffer from coeliac disease won’t be able to eat gluten, and lactose intolerant people can’t eat dairy. It’s a good idea to ask all of your guests well in advance about their dietary requirements. Then you will have plenty of time to think about a menu that suits them. Alternatively, you could cook separate dishes just for them. Remember that not everyone will eat meat either, so be sure to ask if any guests are vegetarian or vegan. Thankfully, there are lots of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes out there now, so cooking an entirely vegan menu shouldn’t be too difficult.

Think About Balance

When you sit down to plan your menu, you will no doubt think about the different flavors of each meal and how they come together. But there is also one other thing to consider - balancing heavy and light dishes. For instance, it isn’t a good idea to serve a rich starter with a rich main course, as this will fill up the guests before they get to their dessert! So make sure your menu has a good balance of light and heavy meals by restricting stodgy ingredients in the dishes, such as pastry and pasta.



Practice Your Menu

You know what makes us perfect at doing things? Practice, practice, practice! The only way you are going to cook each of your dishes to perfection is by practicing is numerous times. So, make sure you cook each dish at least twice before it comes to the day of your dinner party. It is also very much worth having a practice run of the entire menu. That way, you can see how long it will take you to prepare and cook everything on the day. Sure, this may sound like a lot of work, but it will certainly pay off in the end!

Plan Your Wine

There is a myriad of different wine grapes and wineries out there, and that means that there is a whole load of different flavors to choose from. And you need to carefully select wines that will pair well with the various flavors on your menu. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue where to start looking into wine flavors, there are plenty of food and wine guides online. It is also necessary to ensure that you store your wine correctly so that all of the flavors come out as much as possible. White wine needs to be chilled, but not over chilled. Place it in the fridge for half an hour before you need to pour it. As there is a lot going on on the day of your dinner party, don’t panic if you forget to place it in the fridge - you can always use Skybar Wine Chill Drops to chill it in the guests’ glasses. You can serve red wine at room temperature. Just don’t leave it in the sun for too long. Otherwise, it will get too warm.



Go Homemade

There are some items on your menu that you might be wondering whether you should buy them from a supermarket or attempt to make them yourself. The answer is that you should always make things from scratch as long as you have the time. Your guests probably won’t be expecting a completely homemade menu, and it will make a big difference. You will surely impress them if you make your own bread, shortbread fingers, and mint sauce, for instance!



Create A Great Atmosphere

Of course, the food at the dinner party will only go so far. Even if the food is absolutely fantastic, your whole evening might fall flat if the ambiance and atmosphere aren’t up to scratch. To create an amazing ambiance, you just need two things: chilled-out lighting and relaxed music. If you have dimmer lights, you should dim them down so that the lighting in your dining room is soft. If you don’t have dimmer lights, you can use candles to create a pleasant atmosphere. When it comes to music, you should try and stay clear from any songs that feature lyrics, as these could be distracting for guests. Generally speaking, ambient and classical music is the best as it will blend into the background. Don’t go for any heavy or very loud music as it will quickly drown out the conversations. You might want to create a Spotify playlist for the dinner party so that you know exactly what kind of tunes are lined up for the evening.

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you pull off a fantastic evening of great food, fantastic company, and plenty of laughs. Do you have any more tips that people should know for organizing a dinner party? Get in touch and let me know!

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