Friday, June 30, 2017

Fool-Proof Gifts For The Man In Your Life

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Finding the perfect gift for the guy in your life is a great feeling, but also extremely hard to achieve. With men being the strange, enigmatic creatures they are, it’s always tough to separate the good ideas from the bad. Fortunately, there are a number of fool-proof gift ideas that you can always get for the man in your life, confident that it will put a smile on their face.
A New Watch
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Watches are by far the most common accessory worn by men, if not the only one! With this in mind, it’s one of the safest gifts you can get for a guy, especially if they appreciate them for the perfect finishing touch of style they are. If the guy in your life is a workaholic, then get a classic watch. If they’re adventurous and love the great outdoors, get a durable, functional one. For anyone in between, a minimal but handsome chronograph can be the perfect choice. If you’re stuck for choice, take a look in his wardrobe, and choose a watch according to this Fashionising matching guide.
A New Scent

This is a great choice, as it pretty much gives you a license to decide how your guy is going to smell for the foreseeable future! Still, it’s nice to think about his tastes, and pick out a new scent that will match his personality. For an outdoorsy guy, choose an eau de perfum that combines the wild, unrefined scents of nature with smoky hints of a campfire. For a classy, corporate man, choose a warming scent, with notes of tobacco leaf and spiced cinnamon. If his style is calm and understated, go for floral geraniums, warming pepper and ginger, and if they’re an urban hipster, get one that’s a little more sweet and spicy.
A Spirit He’s Never Tried

Most guys love their cognacs, rums and whiskeys, but after a while, they’re sure to get bored of even their favorite brands. Shake things up a little by getting a new, exotic spirit they’ve never tried before. To make sure you hit the choice on the head, read some reviews and tasting reports on the man in your life’s favorite spirit, then compare it to some more outside-the-box ones, like this Kikori Japanese whiskey review. When the same adjectives keep popping up, you can be confident that it’s a good choice!
A Home Accessory

Guys are proud and possessive of their space, and like everything just right, no matter how much we ask them to throw out that framed Led Zep poster! With this in mind, home accessories are another go-to gift for the man in your life. From scent diffusers to Bluetooth speakers to poker and chess sets, there are countless possibilities for home accessories that will put a smile on your guy’s face. Take a look around his place first, and keep the existing décor in mind. If there isn’t much décor to speak of, then pick things in blacks, whites and greys; these colors fit with anything!

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