Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Less is More: Diamonds In The Rough?

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OK, so maybe not quite the rough, but definitely the more casual. As even the most refined of jewels are the perfect accessory for not just formal outfits, but more casual one too. After all, if less is truly more than, a single diamond necklace, ring, or pair of studs can truly be the perfect option to lift and compliment any outfit you choose. So read on for info on how to do diamonds with a casual style, right. Diamonds And Denim

What is more casual than denim? It comes in all sort of colors, cuts, and styles. Making it one of the perfect core items for any go to minimalist wardrobe. But, just how can you style your jeans and diamonds together for the perfect look?

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Well, don't be afraid of dressing down your ice! Diamonds are very versatile and just because you have a t-shirt and jeans on doesn't mean you can't accessorize with a little bling. Of course, the correct way to do this is to make sure that your jeans are a perfect fit, either skinny or skinny cropped from this summer. Your t-shirt shouldn't be an oversized baggy one unless you are wearing it ripped and distressed with a strappy bralette underneath. Something you can find out how to do at http://www.fashionlush.com/diy-distressed-t-shirt/. Then, accessorize with heels and diamond studs for a truly feminine look, and voila! You have the perfect minimal dressed down look that still is still classy and girly.

Diamonds And Monochrome Minimalist

One of the most classic looks in a minimalist wardrobe is usually a pair of leggings in black, a long line blouse in white or gray, and a waterfall jacket in black. This is an outfit that looks great on almost any figure, as well as having that truly put together feel.

Of course, to make it totally complete, you will need to pay attention to accessories as well. Something that particularly works well with this type of outfit is a long line diamond solitaire necklace. As it echoes the shape of the outfit and draws the eye vertically along the body creating a slimming silhouette. However, before you run out and buy the first one you see, you do need to check out sites like http://yourdiamondguru.com/reviews/james-allen/, to get some advice about the quality of the diamond, you are purchasing. As in a minimalist wardrobe, it's vital that each piece you buy should be the best quality possible.

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This is because you want your jewelry as well as your clothes to be investment pieces, good enough to last a lifetime. As well as being versatile enough to wear with many different combinations of outfits. After all, if less is more, then you have to get the less part spot on!

Diamonds And Ruffles

Lastly, to inject a feminine and flirty look to your minimalist wardrobe, why not combine diamonds and ruffles? Ruffles are going to be truly big this AW season, with sleeves, peplums, and hems all showing the trend.
As ruffles are so feminine, balance them out with chunkier simple diamond jewelry like a larger cocktail ring, to get that casual balance just right. Allowing you to rock the minimalist look perfectly while still being bang on trend.

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