Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fashion: It's All About Fit!

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Many people think fashion is only about labels, styles, colors and designers. Of course, these things do have their place, but the true secret of looking fashionable in whatever you wear is fit. That’s right, you can have the most expensive designers items, but if they don't fit right, they just won't look right and so will ruin your aesthetic. So, with this in mind check out the guide below on things you can do to ensure you get the best fit for your clothes as possible.

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Have them made

Do you know why wealthier folks often look better in their clothes? Well, it's because they take the time and invest the money into getting them made specifically for their shape. That means they can't do anything but fit perfectly, hanging and draping in all the right places.

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Unfortunately, this has traditionally been a very expensive way of kitting out a wardrobe. In fact, you can expect to pay upward of $300 for a single custom made an item of clothing such as a dress or coat, if it's being made from scratch. Something that many people will find a bit out of their reach.

Although, there are a few more affordable options gaining ground now. Such as sites like, that offer a range of clothes, which you can have made to your exact measurements. As well as altering the neckline, length, and sleeves to your preferred style. All for the cost of the garment and a fixed customization fee.

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There are also many independent seamstresses and tailors working through craft sites such as Etsy that you can use. As they can provide items made to your measurements that cost a reasonable price.

Know your body shape

Another important area of getting the fit of your clothes right is knowing your body shape and dressing accordingly. There are numerous guides online, that can show you how to categorize the shape of your body. As well as help you to pick items that will look great on your shape, enabling you to hide bits you don't want to draw attention to and emphasize the areas that you do.

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Of course, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in dressing for your body type is wearing clothes for the shape you want and not the one you have. Now, you have two choices here. The first is to be realistic and accept your body and the items that will suit it. The second is to go for a procedure such as cohesive gel implants in the bust area, or liposuction on the stomach. So, helping you achieve the body that you want while allowing you to wear clothes relevant to that body type.


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Lastly, if you do nothing else to improve the fit of your clothes make an effort to get them altered to your height and size. This can make a huge difference in how things sit, hang and rest, and make you look way more put together than just wearing items that are simply off the rack. Helping you to stay at the height of fashion, whether your clothes are from Chanel or Target.

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