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This Season's Hot Jewelry Trends

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Every year, the fashion world tries to sell us on the latest “trends.” Some of them don’t make it past fashion week and flop spectacularly. But others have a lasting impact, doing the rounds on blogs and social media. Although not all of the trends we expect for this fall and spring 2018 will make it into the stores, there’s a good bet that some of them will, so it might be time to start prepping now.Here are this season’s hot jewelry trends.

Upcycling Everyday Ingredients

One of the big trends we saw this summer on the catwalk was the rise in the number of models wearing upcycled jewelry. Designers have been experimenting with all kinds of natural, everyday objects, like cans, shells, porcelain and more. It’s as if the spirit of the 90s Margiela metamorphoses has been reborn.

Chandelier Earrings
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Earring style has been a little understated over the last few years, but that looks as if it might be about to come to an end. We’ve seen some impressive chandelier earrings on the catwalk recently, studded with diamonds and other precious stones. And the trend isn’t limited to one single designer. Chandeliers have completed outfits by Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Ellery and much more.

Pearls With A Twist

Pearls have been a classic staple of jewelry since ancient times. But up until now, designers hadn’t really played with them creatively. Wearing pearls meant going for a classical, modest look.

But this season, all that changed. Thanks to the neo-pearl movement, designers like Mulberry and Oscar de la Renta, have started creating stunning and wacky pearl jewelry designs. We’ve seen things like extra large earrings with pearl-encrusted spurs. We've also seen the use of pearls in tribal wear, and oversized studded pearl bracelets in a homage to the original style.

Hand Bracelets

Hand bracelets have been around for a while. But we’re likely to see them on displays in shops, like those at, in the near future, thanks to the fact that they’re loved by designers all over the world. Louis Vuitton and Gucci have both been experimenting with hand bracelets, adding femininity to the wearers.

Hand bracelets are essentially bracelets which fit on the wrist, but also have embellishments that hang down over the hand. The embellishments, it seems, could be practically anything, from an extra coil of material that runs past the thumb, to intricate tribal designs which envelop the fingers and the back of the hand.

Pick And Mix

If you thought that fashion was an orderly process, you were wrong. Designers this year have been a lot more experimental with how they pair jewelry. Some designers are even ditching the notion that you need to wear the same pair of earrings in both ears - good news for those who always seem to have odd earrings in their collection!

Although it would appear to be ripping up the rule book, many big designers are doing it. Margiela, Ellery and Balenciaga all sent models onto stage wearing odd earrings and daring designs. Some of the earrings were screaming out that they were odd - especially those where models wore an oversized earring with another of a normal size and a different style.

The Rise Of Keys
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Hearts, lockets, and gemstones have been forms that most women have gotten used to when it comes to jewelry. But there’s no reason in theory or practice why jewelry can’t take on other shapes. In fact, that's exactly what designers have been doing this season - they’ve been experimenting with differently shaped jewelry.

This season, the in-vogue shape is keys (as in lock and key). Models have been seen wearing keys from their bracelets - like some extravagant wrist-mounted key ring - from their necklaces and even on their ears.

This is one of those rare examples where style may have intersected utility. Instead of carrying your keys around in your pocket, why not wear them on your ears. You could have the key to your front door on one ear, and your car keys on the other.

Symbols Of Ancient Mysticism

If you think ancient religious symbols are dead, think again. This year, Dior, Chanel and Alberta Ferretti all decided to show off what has been dubbed “ancient mystic symbols” according to These designers are drawing inspiration from Celtic, Egyptian and Asian religious to create new pieces that are very different from the kind of styles we’re used to seeing. Yes, it looks like it’s straight out of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, but that’s beside the point.

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