Sunday, October 15, 2017

I Just Would Really Love To Know Who Arielle Vandenberg Is

Arielle Vandenberg.

Go ahead and google her.

Looks familiar, right?

But why? Why...
For some reason I am following her on Instagram and I think it's because my friend Mack once told me over lunch that he used to be obsessed with her Vine, so I followed her and was like ok let's see how funny she is.

And then one time I was watching her IG story and Brad heard her voice and also told me he used to be obsessed with her Vine.

update: he just told me he became obsessed with her before her Vine. he became obsessed with her bc of a commercial. "If I heard the commercial come on, I would stop everything and make sure to watch it."


But if you actually watch her content, dare I say she's, like, not that funny???? I mean I not trying to funny-shame the woman, she's more famous than me (although im the funniest print reporter in texas, line up for selfies pls), but could it be that when a hot girl makes a fart noise with her mouth suddenly it's funny but when I fart, it's gross????????????????? (i actually have never farted so)

And then one time my friend Augusta blogged about getting a lob (long bob) and she used a picture of Arielle and also said she didn't know who she was.

no idea either

But like I'm still not sure who she is.

But when I became mildly obsessed with Will Arnett and spent hours upon hours watching his horrible Netflix show Flaked and watching interviews of him on YouTube and just googling pictures of him, I discovered that he actually dated Arielle and I just... 

original image daily mail

And also apparently Arielle used to date Adam Levine, and it's just like ok stab me again, and then it's also like, ok she dated Shaun White ALSO, who has this girl not done in Hollywood/action sports??????????????????????

My amazement and disgust comes from pure jealously.

And then, then, if things could not get worse, for her birthday, her now-boyfriend (idk who he is) surprised her by somehow getting Brett Eldredge to sing happy birthday to her on video. (can't find the video but it happened i saw it in real time im still recovering)

Is this girl actually living my dream life because she's purely famous for being pretty and making stupid videos on the internet and dating Amy Poehler's hottest ex-husband. Is that my dream life????

I watched this three-minute-long YouTube video about how she's now dating her best friend and now I'm writing this blog about her and I've already invested too much time.

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