Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Doing A Dinner Party The Cool Way!

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For many of us, the fall months and the winter nights means that we have to slow down our partying skills and replace them with casual, reserved affairs, such as dinner parties. And for something like a typical dinner party, it's usually the very definition of boredom. Who wants to be sitting around, talking about boring things, while also exclaiming “pass the butter?” So let's make those dinner parties a bit more interesting! Here are some few pointers to make your modest, intimate affair, something that gets people talking.

Make Your Food Easy To Cook

The one thing about hosts and dinner parties that they will spend most of the evening in the kitchen, so instead of you hanging around at the kitchen all evening, do something that's really easy to make, or cook everything beforehand and heat it up just before you eat. The same applies to all of the dishes, and also, alcohol might be your friend at this point! While most sedate dinner parties are all about discussing the contents of wine (here’s a hint, it’s grapes) you may want to make things a bit more interesting, and, instead of a chocolate dessert, replace it with delicious pudding shots, and make everything a bit more vibrant. Food makes the evening for most people, but if you really want to have a good time, don't think so much about it, and get a real atmosphere going.

Creating The Right Atmosphere

Intimate dinner parties are all about candles and soft lighting, but if you really want to make your casual affair bit more exciting, think about what atmosphere you want to create. The one big thing is music in this respect, so get on your favorite tunes that will inspire some conversation, or, just a bit more fun! If you're going for a buffet style food setup, and make sure you get lots of light, instead of having somber candles creating a bit of a dull environment. Remember, it doesn't have to be like a typical dinner party. And maybe you’ll want to ask everyone to come in fancy dress, or create a theme? Sometimes even the food will dictate the theme, such as pizza nights, or even ice cream socials! Yummy!

Play Some Games

This is where it becomes let's have a dinner party and more of a party, albeit with a few select friends. There are plenty of options for a great party in such small numbers, and yes, you may want to break out the Twister board at some point, but don't feel like you have to. Feel free to mix it up, depending on the mood of your guests. Someone may even want to break out the guitar and have a few singalongs, or set up your karaoke machine and belt out a few of your favorite Taylor Swift numbers!

Having a dinner party doesn't have to be one of those tragically boring affairs that you will immediately regret, but it's a great way to save some money instead of going out, but also if you don't want to have a massive party in your house. So think about what you'd want to do, and do a dinner party the cool way.

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