Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An Easy Guide To Honing Your Personal Style

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If you want to get your style on point, then there’s one thing you need to do: stop copying your Instagram style crushes and hone your own personal style instead. Honing your personal style is one of the best things you’ll ever do. The sooner you begin to do it, the sooner you’ll stop wasting money on clothes you don’t even really like, even clothes that you’ll only wear once. You’ll start buying clothes that you love, that you actually want to wear and keep.

Let’s get started - here’s your easy guide to honing your personal style!

Create A Pinterest Board Or Mood Board
Start by creating a Pinterest board or mood board that incorporates all of your favorite styles so you can see any patterns cropping up and the edit your wardrobe accordingly. Is something coming up that you don’t wear? You’ll learn a lot about your style and the different styles you might like to try out when you do this.

Remember, that you might like a style on somebody else and then not feel the same way about it on yourself, and that’s fine. The key is to experiment and see which styles and looks help you to feel your best!

Document Outfits That Make You Feel Great 

Make sure you take outfit pictures on days when you feel great. You’ll remember this for the future when you want to feel amazing in an outfit, and you’ll get a better idea of which clothes really make you feel great. You can go to the contact us page on Lotus Boutique to find rompers and similar outfits - rompers are super comfortable and it’s rare you won’t feel great in one!

Clear Out Your Wardrobe
Be vigilant and have a wardrobe clear out. Get rid of things that you never wear. Get rid of things that make you feel anything less than amazing. Don’t just get rid of them, though; assess why they didn’t work. Why didn’t you end up liking them after you bought them? Really think about this and you should be able to make smarter decisions in the future.

Take Your Time With Your Purchases
Don’t rush to fill all the gaps in your wardrobe. Take your time with your purchases. Create a capsule wardrobe if you think this will help. Alternatively, simply wait around to buy higher quality items that you truly love. Don’t buy throwaway fashion. Invest in independent labels and brands and get higher quality, unique items.

Take Your Lifestyle And Goals Into Consideration
Of course, you’re going to need to build your wardrobe based around your lifestyle and goals. If you go to the gym most days, your wardrobe may reflect that, with plenty of comfortable bottoms, tops, and sneakers. If you’re always heading to meetings, then you’ll need outfits to reflect that. You need to actually wear the things that you buy! There’s no point having items in your wardrobe you love if you’re not going to wear them too.

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