Friday, June 8, 2018

Food Of The Future: What Will We Be Eating In Ten Years?

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It’s always useful to look towards future trends and possibilities on the market. It’s not enough to know where society is going to be today, you need to consider where things will be ten years from now. This is certainly true when considering your diet and what you and your family will be consuming in the future. The world changes every day and the food that we eat now may not be what we consume ten years from today. Indeed, it is possible that our diets and what we buy from the superstores will look very different. So, what are the trends and future products that we can expect to consume?

Well, first let’s look at how you should consider changing your lifestyle when it comes to the products that you consume.

Growing Your Own

You might have noticed that food prices are constantly and continuously increasing. It’s true to say that what you paid for break five years ago is significantly less than what you will be paying for it today. You will also notice that meat prices, vegetables and fruit are all higher as well, particularly if you are interested in buying organic which you almost certainly will be if you want to ensure that you are eating healthily on a regular basis. Let’s face it. Food that farmers grow these days may use GHDs to increase their size, pesticides and various other products that could impact the quality of the food that you are purchasing.

It’s for this reason that you may want to think about purchasing seeds and growing the food in your garden yourself. This idea is becoming very popular because it’s a way to lower the shopping bill and ensure that you are getting the naturally grown food that your family needs to stay healthy. It will be a growing trend in the future, and this has already started to happen in cities with the return of allotments. Of course, if you live in a rural area, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use at least one section of your garden for growing fruit, veg and other products.

This is easy as you can buy the seeds online and then all you need is some fertilizer to improve the quality of your soil and ensure that your products grow healthy and strong. There are plenty of guides online that you can check out as well that will provide the information and advice that you need to get started if you’re not sure where to begin.

You don’t even have to stop at crops and can opt for some livestock as well. For instance, if you have enough land, you can invest in chickens for some natural eggs, ideal for a family of four. It’s also great fun looking after the animals with the kids and can be a way to teach them about sustainability.

Aqua Farming

Of course, you can’t grow everything yourself. Some products you’ll still need to buy. So, what products will we be consuming in the future and buying from stores? Well, regarding livestock it’s probably going to be mainly aqua farmed products that we will need to focus on. If you look at information from Global Salmon Initiative and similar campaigns, you’ll see that many experts believe that aquafarming is going to be a main focus over the next few years. That’s why there is such a heavy effort to make this type of farming sustainable. Ultimately, the world population is growing at a rapid rate. This is going to push food prices higher than ever. We need food that is going to provide the high levels of a protein that we need, without causing pollution. Further damaging the planet.

You might wonder why livestock on land is not going to be the answer? Well, the similar answer is that livestock causes quite a lot of pollution due to gas. As silly as it might sound gases released by livestock will damage the environment and that’s why aqua farms are the answer. Even Disney are eager to explore this concept as you’ll see if you have visited Epcot recently.

Though, surely, we won’t just be eating fish every day right? Actually, there are quite a few other possibilities that could become the food of the future.

Mmm Insects

Okay, this is a weird one, and it’s going to take some getting used to. However, it’s worth pointing out that insects are already an accepted part of the diet in some cultures. Head to countries in Asia, and you’ll find insects are on the menu quite a lot. They are cheap, easy to farm and provide the protein, nutrients and vitamins we need in our diet.

Indeed, some countries have already started the push for these type of delicacies to be accepted. For instance, the Dutch government have invested nearly one million into research for insect farms to become the main part of their future economy. Don’t be surprised when America, Britain and other countries begin to follow suit. But what type of insects are we talking about here? Caterpillars, crickets and wasps could all be on the menu, and they are supposedly delicious.

All You Can Eat Algae

Algae is another food source that can be grown on the water, so there’s no need to worry about land shortages. It’s probably not going to be the main food source just yet, but when the population hits eight billion as it’s expected to by 2040, this will change. We will be three billion over what the world can healthily sustain and at that point, algae might be a new food that people will be trying.

The good news is that algae can greatly vary in taste depending on the type and colour. As such, you don’t need to worry about this particular new food source getting boring.

While some of these ideas and conceptions are a little out there, it’s true to say that they could all become part of your food routine in the future.

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