Sunday, July 29, 2018

Dressing For Your Summer Body

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There are a great many articles that tell you how to dress for the seasons, but the one season that is often not covered (no pun intended) is the summer. It’s pretty much because there are less layers, less boots, less coats to wear, so there isn’t much to say on summer fashion besides: don’t overheat. Here’s the thing about dressing for your summer body: all you’re doing is dressing for your current comfort and shape to suit you, not to suit others. The thing to really think about, is how you can dress for feeling as comfortable and as cool as possible, without turning into an overheated and sweaty beast. Is it going to be easy? Not necessarily. Is it going to be possible? Absolutely.

So, what are the perfect summer clothing hacks to make sure that while the sun keeps on shining, you do, too?
Woman Wearing Blue and White Striped Dress With Brown Rattan Crossbody Bag Near Ocean

Looser The Better. The clothes, of course. You can find some absolutely beautiful, floaty dresses to feel cool as a cucumber on, allowing you to avoid feeling boiled like an egg. The looser the clothing, the better you will feel as the less you have touching your body, the less you’ll sweat it out.

Ditch The Padding. Some of the most popularly styled bras are always padded to avoid nip slips in the cool weather. Well, in the summer it’s time to go for a switch. A little nipple tape can stop the show from becoming an occurrence in air-conditioned places, but swap for a bra that is not padded – it can help with the under boob sweat that we women are cursed with.

Go Natural. Cotton clothing is far more breathable than polyester or rayon items, and it’s just amazing at absorbing any sweat which clears up those damp patches faster. Synthetic fabrics can make you feel damp and yucky, so avoid those in favour of natural materials

Go Big. With your hat choices, a wide-brimmed hat is far more cooling on the body in comparison to a baseball cap or beret. Aim for a big hat to keep your whole body cool under the sun. They’re very lightweight, too, so you won’t feel weighed down by your choice.

Floaty Is Smart. Think about how your body feels wearing long and floaty sleeves; it’s cooling, and it keeps the sun off your skin. You can wear all the sunscreen you like, but if your skin is exposed to the rays, you’re not going to be totally sun safe. Go for sleeves and cover up your skin in the lightest possible way.

Stay Light. The lighter your clothes, the better you feel, but this includes colour choices, too. You need to consider the fact that your colour choices will affect how hot you feel. Stick with lighter colours to reflect the heat as opposed to the darker options which will absorb it.

Your summer body is already ready for you; just keep it cool and comfortable for a fashionable summer season!

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