Thursday, August 9, 2018

Champagne Cake? Yes please!

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Have you ever considered what the most luxurious cake in the world might be? For a cake to be truly spectacular, it needs to have many levels of flavour, not be too sweet and sickly and have some sort of zing or sharpness to cut through the sugar. Cake isn’t meant to be healthy - we are not talking your beetroot eggless loaves or your courgette and chia seed sandwiches. We are talking pure decadence and luxury. How about a rich chocolate torte with a hazelnut ganache and soft praline frosting? Or what about the ultimate three tier extravaganza with passionfruit, goji berry and mango fruit flavours. A cake isn’t just a sponge; a cake is the perfect concoction of flavours, the taste of which can prove to be euphoric. Take a look at these three awesome cakes that vie to be the most luxurious cake known to humankind.

Pink Champagne Cake

Surely, anything with champagne in its ingredients list has to have decadence enveloped within every single morsel. This would make an ideal bake for a celebration such as a wedding, a New Years Eve party or a significant birthday. Infused with a cup of pink champagne, this cake has a zingy pep in every bite. Coupled with sweet vanilla buttercream and a simple vanilla sponge, the cake is light and refreshing. On a summer’s day, a cake like this would go down a storm at a summer barbecue as an alternative to those heavier chocolate varieties.

Red Wine Chocolate Cake
You can’t fail to have your optimum daily allowance of flavonoids from this tasty cake, although that’s probably as far as any health benefits go with this dessert. Pick up your red wines from Oddbins and blend with chocolate to make the perfect marriage of ingredients! Unlike rum or sherry, red wine doesn't cook out fully when incorporated into a cake batter mix, so it’s wise to keep this strictly an adults only dessert. The red wine somehow makes the chocolate rich, gooey and fudgy, making it appear more luxurious and decadent. Experiment with different cake moulds to create bundt or loaf cakes, to allow a thicker and deeper sponge for ultimate gooey pleasure.

Strawberry And Rose Wine Cake
For a summery and feminine cake, you can’t go wrong with a rose wine infused strawberry sponge cake. There’s no need for any sort of food colouring in this sponge as the strawberries and rose wine infuse to create the perfect pink hue. Great for a summer soiree, this cake is as light as a feather and leaves you without that full, bloated feeling of other puddings. Made using thin sponges and layered up or rolled with vanilla buttercream, you can top this cake with a mountain of red berries. The rose wine is merely accentuates the tannins present within the rich fruit.

If you’ve never attempted a wine inspired cake bake before, it’s time to get experimenting. The height of luxury, these cakes are perfect for when you fancy a more decadent dessert.

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