Thursday, August 30, 2018

Cheap Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck

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Need to buy a gift for someone, but strapped for cash? You can do better than a cheap box of chocolate or a pair of socks. There are many ways to put meaning into a gift without spending a lot of money. Here are just a few ideas for buying gifts on the cheap.Customize clothing
There are many cheap customized clothing options to consider. Accessories such as scarves, hats and belts can often be cheap and there are companies that sell monogrammed items or allow you to provide your own printing. You can also look into cheap custom t-shirts and get someone’s catchphrase or nickname printed on the shirt. Some people may even have the skills and patience to craft their own clothing.

Have fun with photos
Photos are a great way of sharing memories. Rather than buying a single framed photo, consider other fun customisation option. You could print off a selection of photos and put them in an album or a journal with personalised messages. Alternatively, you could consider creating your own photo collage, combining lots of memories of one person or one event.

Create a food hamper

You could also consider creating your own food hamper full of cheap but unusual foods and drinks. This could include novelty chocolates and sweets, speciality coffee and tea blends, selections of cheese, unusual spreads, craft beers and perhaps even a small bottle of sparkling wine. You can even throw in non-food related items such as bath bombs, beauty products and novelty toiletries.

Consider other personalized gifts
There may be other ways of personalizing gifts for cheap. For example, there are engraving services that can allow you to get personalized messaged etched into phone cases, keyrings and bracelets for cheap. You could even get a chocolate plaque with a message iced onto it – chocolate shops can usually do this affordably.

Get vouchers for their favourite place
If you’re lost for ideas when it comes to physical gifts, you could always get them a gift card or voucher for their favourite shop or restaurant. This could feel more meaningful than simply giving them money, whilst still saving them cash on something they love. Vouchers are also great gifts for mailing to people as you can simply slip them into a card without having to pay extra money for postage.

Joint buy a gift
If the person you’re buying for really wants a certain gift but it’s out of your price range, you could always consider getting other people to chip in money. One big gift that they really want could be much more meaningful than lots of small gifts from lots of different people. See what other people are willing to spend and whether you can raise enough money to buy this big gift.

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