Monday, August 27, 2018

The Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

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No matter how well you look after your clothes, or how long you spend getting ready for a special night out, sometimes things do not look quite right. It is usually something quite simple, such as perfect shoes for your outfit being a bit uncomfortable to be wearing for hours, but you will put up with the discomfort so that you feel good about your attire.

There are a few tricks that can help to avoid disasters happening though, and we are going to mention just a few of the hacks you need to be aware of.

Perfect Fitting Jeans
You are very lucky if you can buy a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. They usually have a gap at the waist, are too long or a bit big around your bottom. The answer is to buy jeans that have not been pre-shrunk. Buy them a size larger than you normally would, and then soak them in warm water for about an hour. Leave them to dry naturally and when they reach the ‘just damp; stage put them on. They will mold to the shape of your body exactly as you want them to and will be the best fitting jeans you have ever had.

Stop Your Shoes Rubbing
Your feet can easily develop blisters if your shoes are rubbing, and this often happens when they are new. You need to be able to get past this point with them and wear them a few times without this happening. If you rub some clear gel deodorant on the inside of the shoes and leave it to dry, it will form a barrier between the shoe and your foot. It will also act as a light lubricant and help prevent the friction that creates blisters.

Look In The Men’s Stores
Men’s store collections, such as the John Henric US collection, have some wonderful accessories that you can just throw on to compliment any of your outfits. From silk scarfs to belts, bracelets and lapel pins, among other things, you will be able to find things that make you look a bit more special with spending a fortune.

Getting Rid Of Armpit Stains
It has happened to us all at some point. Our favorite white cotton shirt has become stained by the deodorants we use and now has nasty yellow marks in the armpits.

Mix 1 part dishwashing soap with 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide and a little baking soda. Brush into the affected area and leave for an hour. Then wash your shirt normally and it will be as good as new.

Making Your Shoes Smell Good Again
If you are wearing a fashionable pair of shoes for a few hours, there is a good chance your feet will begin to sweat. Sweaty feet leave bacteria in the shoes and this start to smell. Getting rid of this is not too difficult though. Leaving some dry teabags in your shoes work, or try a sprinkle of baking powder.

Being prepared before things go wrong is the answer, and this can be very easily done if you follow our few tips, which really are just a small sample.

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