Monday, August 13, 2018

What Is The Matter With Julianne Hough, Part I

never forget this workout video

This is only part one because this blog post has been coming together in my head for roughly six months. And I'm afraid there's not enough space on the Internet for me to jot down all my notes.

Julianne Hough. Dancer. Actress. Wife. Dog mom. Ryan Seacrest's ex-girlfriend. Annoying Instagrammer.

Where do I begin? Do you follow Julianne Hough on Instagram? No, I mean do you really follow her?

First of all, the red hair. That was interesting. It wasn't so much interesting that she dyed her hair red — I mean, yes it is, I'm always amazed with beautiful women who try to make themselves ugly — but it was interesting that she had this whole reasoning behind it. That she always knew she was meant to be a redhead. And that it made her feel more like a woman. And got her in tune with her sexuality???? How pissed are you as her husband that the red hair made her feel like a woman and not you?????

I think you were embracing your sexuality just fine.

Second, do you watch her IG stories? They are fascinating. And I don't mean that as a compliment.

Please just watch that as homework for part II. In upcoming parts, we'll explore how she stars in two of my favorite all-time movies, the time she wore blackface, and her relationship with her brother. Stay tuned.

This is day 18 of 100 days of blogging. Read day 17 here.

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