Thursday, January 3, 2019

Getting Over College: The No-Tears Method

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At the thought of college, some of you may already feel yourself welling up but we’re going to get through this. If you’re like most people, college was a mix of the best time of your life and also as if Hades somehow crossed the boundary into the real world. If you’re still wondering what it was all for or finding that transition into actual adult human being life difficult, however, here are some tips for your no tears guaranteed method of leaving college behind.
Stop looking at the wanted ads
“Why don’t I have that job yet?” is a very common question after coming out of college. Employers are getting pickier than ever. Now you need to be both a fresh graduate but also have two decades of experience to qualify for a job that is technically below entry level. Although it was much riskier in the past, freelancing is fast becoming the first job that many college graduates have. It doesn’t have to last forever, but if you have skills and you want to make sure you use them, it might be the first step for you.

Finally, some payoff to the investment
College is expensive. Life is expensive. Trying to live after college is extra expensive, and many of us are waiting for the career to help pay it off. But you don’t have to wait, you can turn those years of waiting into sweet dollars right now. You can sell your textbooks online, tutor others taking the same terrible path as you, or even do some freelance writing creating academic paper guides for others. If you’ve become an expert in anything, it’s how to survive college, so you may as well sell it.

Get old
If you get all dreamy eyed and “I’ll Be There For You” starts playing in your head when you look at old photos of you and your college buddies, take solace in the fact that you would hate everyone in that photo, including your old self, right now, if you were forced to join that party. The wonderful phrase “social menopause” can help you realize that those days are best left behind you. If you’re like most college survivors, then you are fast becoming okay with the idea of spending your night indoors with a RuPaul binge and some questionably cheap fast food.

You’re not done yet
Why get over it when it is likely to be part of your life forever? Careers don’t just start with a job that you keep for decades, now. Instead, to genuinely succeed, you have to keep up with the education, whether through online courses or on-the-job learning, and hop from role to role like some career chameleon. The truth is that long-term careers in the same place simply aren’t as common, and the more versatile and skill-equipped you become, the more likely you are to be able to hop jobs easily.

You’re all grown up now. Which means learning the terrible truth that we will probably always be this immature. But also, the freedom of knowing that professors, study groups, and frat boys are forever behind us.

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