Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Self-Care Is About More Than Watching Netflix Shows Every Night

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We’re not dissing Netflix. Watching Netflix shows is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, but self-care is about more than taking a little bit of time out of your day to relax. That’s crucial to your health, of course, but a well-rounded lifestyle requires more than that. We’re not just going to say that you need to eat your vegetables and get on the treadmill either. Let’s talk about some things you could do to improve your self-care routine.

Fix up your wardrobe.
The first step to taking better care of yourself is valuing your wardrobe. Being fashionable might seem like a struggle when you see some of the effortlessly stylish people out there, but the reason they make it look so effortless is that it is effortless. Having style isn’t impossible, so you need to strive to be a fashion guru. It’s beneficial to your mental health. You should feel happy in your appearance. You should be confident when you see yourself in the mirror or in pictures. Instead of simply following trends and then falling out of love with those clothes when they become unfashionable, aim to create a permanently stylish wardrobe.

Make sure you don’t hide behind clothes. Your outfits should serve to show off your appearance. That’s the key to being fashionable. Wear clothes that are well-fitted. Your body size doesn’t matter; what matters is that your attire suits the shape of your body. You could use accessories to help with this. A belt could hug your dress closer to your body to accentuate your physique. An accessory can also create a powerful focal point that really ties your outfit together. A choker could add a quirky and stylish element to your outfit. You might want to browse this catalog for some inspiration in that regard. Chokers, handbags, and pieces of jewellery are examples of bold accessories that will really add something to the outfits in your wardrobe. Taking pride in your fashion sense is the greatest form of self-care on earth.

Keep your body moving.
Whilst exercising might not sound as fun and relaxing as chilling on the couch as you binge a great Netflix show, it should be part of your self-care routine. See it as a way of earning that relaxing evening on the couch. It’ll be all the sweeter if you’re resting on the couch to recover from a 20-minute run around the block. Keeping your body moving every day will benefit your mental state as well as your physical state. It’ll release endorphins that’ll make you happier and more motivated in life. Physical activity is a great form of self-care for the body and the mind. It helps you to maintain a healthy weight, a healthy state of mind, and a healthy heart. Find a little bit of time for exercise in your daily schedule and it’ll massively improve your overall wellbeing. It’s not just hard work for the sake of hard work; it’s an important form of self-care.

Find time for your friends and family.
Self-care doesn’t have to be selfish. In fact, it’s selfless. If everybody took better care of themselves then we’d all make our loved ones happier too. Think about it - aren’t you happier when your friends and family are in good health? You aren’t just looking after yourself for your own personal benefit. You’re doing it for those around you too. That can be your motivation. And it’s why you should find time for your friends and family as well as yourself. It’s good for your mental health. Socializing keeps the mind active, and that will benefit your wellbeing on all levels. Laughing is also hugely beneficial for your cardiovascular health, so allow yourself the simple joy of joking around with your loved ones if you want to look after your heart in the long run.

Take meditation seriously.
Most people have tried meditation, but very few people give it a chance. That’s because it’s a bit strange. Sitting still, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breathing without falling asleep? How is that relaxing? Well, the key is to not try too hard. Maybe that explanation makes it sound even more bizarre, but the key to meditating is allowing your mind to unwind. It’s not about thinking too much. It’s about the opposite. You’re trying to quieten your busy mind. By focusing on your breathing, you’re training yourself to exist in the present moment. This allows you to stop fretting about past or future situations. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of the moment you’re experiencing right now.

But it takes time. You might fall asleep the first few times you close your eyes and try to unwind, or you might just feel a little bored. Nonetheless, once you really start to work at this mindfulness technique, you might find that you get better at the art of living in the present. This is one of the most powerful forms of self-care. It doesn’t just have mental benefits. After all, mental health and physical health are interlinked. That’s why meditation can benefit the wellbeing of your heart too. In fact, the physical benefits go further than that. Through reducing stress, your skin quality should improve and your sleeping pattern might improve too. That comes with a whole host of benefits in itself, as we’ll discuss in the final point.

Adopt a healthy sleeping pattern.
If you want to take better care of yourself then you need to adopt a healthy sleeping pattern. We’ve talked about a lot of lifestyle changes that could improve your emotional and physical wellbeing, but your health will still suffer if you don’t get enough rest every night. It can negatively affect your metabolism, immune system, cardiovascular health, and even your mental state. Make sure you get a sufficient amount of sleep every night. It’s a vital part of a well-rounded lifestyle. It’s also a very easy form of self-care. You just need to rest. That’s it.

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