Actual Journalism

I do actual journalism. Here are some clips.

We Ate Sushi with The Real Housewives of Dallas And Here's What Happened
From Big Brother Star to Internet Influencer, Elena Davies Builds Her Brand

What Is Married At First Sight? Glad You Asked

Your Cheatin' Heart: Ashley Madison Leader Ruben Buell Explains the Positive Side of Adultery

Dallas' Christian Rappers Have Beats and Holy Spirit, But Is What They Do Rap?

Eric Nadel Is the Texas Rangers' Voice of Hope

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Director Suzanne Mitchell Was One Hell of a Woman

Inside Auditions for The Bachelor

Barney and Gang: a Look at the Past 30-Plus Years of the Friendly Purple Dinosaur

We Asked a Former Branch Davidian What He Thinks of Waco's Chip and Joanna Gaines

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