Where are The Bachelorette blogs?


I wish I was better. I wish it was easier. I wish I didn't hate Jordan and Robby and JoJo's choice in men. I wish things were different.

I tried blogging the hometown dates. I tried really, really hard. This is what happened:

Then I tried blogging the overnight dates episode. I tried even harder for that one. This is what happened:

I have this theory that y'all do not give two shits about The Bachelorette. The pageviews aren't like great, which tells me y'all enjoy reading about my dating highs and lows more than JoJo's dating highs and lows. And I get it. I'm more fascinating and prettier and funnier and nicer than JoJo. I get it. Don't say it. Your pageviews tell me everything I need to know.

we both wear tablecloth shirts.

So I've stopped doing them. And by stopped, I mean I haven't done the last two episodes, but will I do the season finale? Who knows? Maybe. 

For now, read my friend Augusta's recaps at D Magazine. They are ok.

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