I'm Going To Blog For 100 Days Straight And I Already Hate Myself

This is a very stupid thing because it's going to be very hard and I don't like doing things that are hard, but I think it's important to challenge myself.

I, PMS, will blog for 100 days straight starting right now.

It will end Nov. 3, 2018, according to the Google search I just did where I typed in "100 days from now" and this came up:

Not all blog posts will be long, thought-out pieces. Some will be quick reads. Some might be long reads, however. Some even might be middle reads, where they aren't quick and they aren't long.

Please join me on this journey and create a challenge for yourself called "I'm going to read justpmsing.com for 100 days straight because PMS is a blog I enjoy and the author behind PMS is a girl I enjoy."

It will be fun. It will be hard. But will it be worth it? Probably not. See y'all tomorrow.

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