All The Things Brad Taught Me About Chyna, The Wrestler

At some point Saturday Brad started talking about Chyna, the wrestler. And I was like oh, you mean Chyna Doll and he was like no, and I was like yes, and he was like no and then I googled it and it was the same person.

But then without prompting, Brad gave me Chyna's entire biography and here it is in bullet-point form.

  • Chyna dated a guy named Triple H. He was also a wrestler.
  • Triple H started cheating on Chyna with Vince McMann's (sp?) daughter.
  • Once Chyna found out, Vince McMann fired her.
  • She lost her job and her boyfriend all in one swoop.
  • Brad thinks about that "a lot."
  • To look more feminine, she got plastic surgery where they had to break her jaw and restructure it.
  • She died.
This is day 10 of 100 days of blogging. Read day 9 here.

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