Life Hack: Replace Sonic With A Cooking Boyfriend

i will never forgive sonic for getting rid of this.

This is a short break from Julianne Hough, but I will be back.

I am tired, though. I missed yesterday's blog and I have two hours to complete this one until the day is over. So I'm going to make it short. Even though all the blog posts are short. This one will be really short.

Here is my life hack:

Make your boyfriend make you frito pie. And then put the frito pie in a tortilla. It gets 10 times better with tortilla. Sonic used to sell a frito pie wrap and it was amazing. Now I make my boyfriend make me a frito pie wrap. Replace fast food with a boyfriend who can cook.

You're welcome.

This is day 20 of 100 days of blogging. Read day 19 here.

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