Dr. Payge Column: Nothing 2 Advil And A Hot Shower Can't Fix

Hello, welcome to this column I just made up called Dr. Payge (my friends call me Dr. Payge and idk why) Gives Medical Advice.

In today's column, I going to explain why all you really need in life is a bottle of Advil and a hot shower. Here we go.

Headache? 2 Advil and a hot shower

Hungover? 2 Advil and a hot shower

Drunk? 2 Advil and a hot shower

Period cramps? 2 Advil and a hot shower

Anxious? Hot shower

Depressed? Hot shower

Bored? Hot shower

Bad day at work? Hot shower

Took your happy pill too late? 2 Advil and a hot shower

Common cold? Hot shower

Cold and your roommates won't let you turn on the heater? Hot shower

Bad makeup day? Hot shower

Thank you. Do you need help with your health? Comment down below and Dr. Payge may feature your problems in a coming blog.

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