100 Days of Jules, Day 79: One Time Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweeted A Photo of Julianne Hough

Craig Blankenhorn/NBC
Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones' 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

Day 79 of 100 Days of Jules and I literally Googled, "has julianne hough seen hamilton?"

She has!!!!

She saw it in March 2016 with Vanessa Hudgens and Vanessa's then-boyfriend Austin Butler. This was just a few months after Julianne and Vanessa filmed Grease: Live and Grease: Live and Hamilton share a director, Tommy Kail.

Then Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of Hamilton, tweeted about the stars of Grease: Live!!!


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